Welcome - pursuing this next step is a great move!

As you can imagine, starting a home-based business is not as simple as it seems unless you have someone to 'partner' with that has a proven track record.

We are John and Cecily, Small Business Development Coaches and Lifestyle Trainers. We live in the country, away from the city, and have successfully severed our ties with corporate America and the JOB mentality over 17 years ago and help serious people like you do the same. You may learn more about us here.

Our lifestyle is one that most people only dream of yet, with clear direction and a commitment to change we can help you achieve your goals, and you too can 'Own Your Life'.

The following questionnaire helps us understand your needs and creates a basis for further conversation. If you have had some experience in attempting to build a home-business, follow that path, and, if not, follow the path for newbies.

Your information is confidential to us - it will not be sold or given to ANY organization or business. Some of the questions may seem personal in nature but are there to help us understand you and learn how we can serve you best.

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