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John and Cecily here,

 Welcome to our part of the world!

We live on 40 acres in one of the most beautiful places on the planet - in the great northwest, about 20 miles north-east of Spokane, Washington, USA, near the Idaho border, on a 200 foot bluff overlooking a valley leading to the base of 5,500 foot Mt. Spokane. The Indians called it "Eagle Mountain" because it has a rocky area covering about half of the peak that, when covered with snow, clearly resembles an Eagle.

Life has been good to us; we work from our home and spend much of our time helping others become debt free.  Working for ourselves allows us to schedule our time as we need it. We took 10 weeks off from our home business one recent summer to rebuild the house and add a 1,000 square feet of Trex deck - it's just gorgeous!

This is a magical area; where a trip up the Coeur d'Alene river unfolds vistas that have been the same for centuries.

Today our "commute" to work is down the flight of stairs to our incredible in-house office. You never know what type of wild life you'll see right outside the windows!

John keeps us connected to the outside world with a high speed-wireless-Internet connection. He has it set up so all 8 of our computers are on-line all the time. From here we run our business in several countries. A real international business. Pretty cool!

We are blessed with a terrific family; John's son, John, is 42 this past June.

He has been a captain in Honolulu, Hawaii for the past 20 years and really enjoys it!

Cecily has two adult children, son Jeremy and daughter, Tracy, who married her Bo' Jeremiah, about two weeks before Cecily and I married in October, 2000.

Jeremiah and Tracy live in the country on 20 acres of land, built a nice house, and are creating a lot of great memories for themselves. You'll have to come back here in the near future for an update with photos. We are so excited the kids communicate well with us - having mutual goals brings us so close together.

So the house is empty of kids - but, we have all of Cecily's birds - and two wonderfully-outrageous cats; 'Tommy' was our outside ferrell cat (now he has become and inside kitty - died and went to 'cat heaven')and Seate is our 2 year old girl. Both of these cats are new in our lives.  We had two ferrell cats; Pudge and Tard, that passed away at 15 years old.  They were great friends - real buddies - we miss them. 'Tommy' is a hard working cat - I think he even runs off coyotes from the property - but he leaves the mountain lions alone!

Our Specific Contribution to our business community

We believe in helping people to achieve more value in their lives by living a well designed game plan; a focused, personal plan to attain financial freedom. We provide that training in the network marketing community - and it is in the networking industry that we make a 'stand' for that freedom to exist in your life too.

One of our favorite people, and one of the first teachers that John paid attention to as a young man, is Dr. Wayne Dyer. Wayne teaches that, as human beings, the most important - fundamental - thing to accomplish in our life, is NOT TO BE A BURDEN ON ANYONE. Not to live a life outside of balance, but, to live within means (not within reason). We ALL Need to Get There! Once we are above water - ahead of the game financially - we can then contribute to society instead of taking from society.

So, can you see why network marketing appealed so much to us? Where else can that kind of freedom be really possible except in this industry? Where else - without a large financial investment?

Nowhere . . .

We've broken through and are on our way to reaching financial goals we only dreamed were possible a few years ago - we'd be honored to have you join us!

What we do for fun?

Oh, for John, that's sailing! I love to race catamarans - did it for 12 years around Southern California. Terrific sport; FAST, wet, wild fun - and you have to work very hard to get hurt !!!

I also love spending time with my son in Hawaii. It's such a gas to go to work with him and meet so many people everyday on the boat. It takes me about 6 weeks before I am ready to come home.

For Cecily? Everything is fun to Cecily. Watching deer eat apples she set out on the deck for them, or the birds - we have bizillions of birds. Counted over 30 hummers on our deck at one feeding! She had one fella that landed on her finger - it had a bad leg and let Cecily perch it up next to the feeder. Pretty cool lady.

As people who are on the path to freedom, we practice that "Setting an example is not the main means of influencing another, it is the only means" - Albert Einstein.

We ask you to -
  • Look for us to be Leaders - setting an example.
  • Listen to us as Honest - we have a way.
  • Watch for us to be Living in Integrity.
  • Enjoy us as Lifetime Friends.

We created this page to provide a place where you can get to know a bit about us, and if you are so inspired, let us know some of what you are about and what you want out of life.

We encourage you to take a look at what we found;  join with us in an exciting, opulent way of living.

Learn more about our business here

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